Introducing Fort Young Hotel’s Brand New All-Inclusive, Island-Included Program

Experience the Nature Island like never before with our brand new All-Inclusive, Island-Included program. As the very first all-inclusive offering on Dominica, this program allows guests to experience the best of the island’s cultural, land and sea adventures — all without the hassle of planning, booking or reserving a single activity. 

Let us do the work and bring you on a vacation of a lifetime that reveals Dominica’s unforgettable wonders, while also supporting the island’s continued sustainable economic development.

“Our all-inclusive, island-included experience means that guests can take advantage of the convenience of an all-inclusive stay while enjoying the best of all that Dominica has to offer.  Our guests explore Dominica’s land, sea and city adventures with guides and tour operators from our local community, positively impacting the local economy.”

Adventure Dominica Like Never Before

Our all-inclusive stay invites you to truly experience the island. Each day is filled with city, land or sea excursions, maximizing the Dominica Experience and utilizing the hotel as a luxury, 4-star basecamp to the island’s adventures. The weekly itinerary will include:

  • 60-mins massage twice per stay for one or two based on occupancy
  • 60-mins yoga twice per stay for one or two based on occupancy
  • Unlimited unguided shore scuba diving
  • Kayak and other non-motorised watersports

Monday: Trafalgar Falls and Titou Gorge
Tuesday: Middleham Falls Hike and Hot Springs
Wednesday: Lionfish Hunting and/or Snorkeling by Boat
Thursday: Freshwater Lake and Boeri Lake Hike
Friday: Spanny and Jacko Falls
Saturday: Roseau Guided City Tour by Walk
Sunday: Mero Beach Discovery

For a full list of inclusions, click here

Connect with the Local Community

At the core of the new Island-Included program is sustainability. Fort Young Hotel has always been dedicated to harmony with nature and with this new program, we are able to incorporate island sustainability at the heart. Fort Young Hotel focuses on bringing the island to you with this new Island-included program by offering an exciting range of planned excursions and experiences utilising locally-owned, managed and run transport and tourism services. 

By hiring the local workforce, sourcing local produce and reducing energy costs and waste, Fort Young Hotel is creating a sustainable approach to all inclusive travel that benefits the island as a whole, while giving you the ultimate island experience.

“Currently, we estimate that approximately 80% of all revenue coming into the hotel from our guests ends up in the local economy.  With our new all-inclusive island-included experience approach, which involves more direct participation from and with the local community, we estimate that more than 90% of all revenue will flow towards the local economy,” said Gregor Nassief. 

Fort Young Hotel’s All-Inclusive, Island-Included program is now available for you to explore. Find all our All-Inclusive, Island-Included packages here. Your next island adventure is waiting for you.