At GEMS Holdings Ltd., we are thrilled to unveil our newest endeavour — a vibrant synergy of creativity and culture through the inauguration of two art galleries in Dominica: The Old Oven Art Gallery located at Fort Young Hotel and the Bwa Denn Art Gallery at Secret Bay.

Old Oven Art Gallery: Celebrating Local Talents 

Fort Young Hotel’s Old Oven Art Gallery officially opened its doors on November 25, 2023, with a powerful inaugural exhibition dedicated to the late cultural icon Dr. Alwin Bully. Curated by Carla Armour, this retrospective showcased Bully’s works alongside selections from his personal collection. Building on this inspiring start, a new exhibition featuring for-sale works by renowned local artists such as Carol Sorhaindo, Jenae Bell, Lowell Royer, Antonio Toledo, and Marie Louise Pierre Louis debuted on April 30, 2024.

Bwa Denn Art Gallery: Honoring a Master’s Legacy

We are equally thrilled to announce the forthcoming debut of Secret Bay’s Bwa Denn Art Gallery on June 29, 2024. This premier space will be dedicated to honoring the legacy of Dominica’s late master artist Earl Etienne. The first exhibition, a “Précis Retrospective,” will be a micro-oeuvre of Etienne’s work, highlighting selected series and themes from his illustrious career.

A Curatorial Vision for Growth 

Aaron Hamilton, appointed as curator for both galleries, shared his vision: “By providing a platform for local artists to showcase and sell their work through multiple exhibitions during the year at both the Old Oven and Bwa Denn galleries, we are confident that this initiative will create new opportunities for our artists and foster the growth of Dominica’s arts and culture.” As Curator, Mr. Hamilton will be directly responsible for the curation of exhibitions and selection of artists and works.

A Commitment to Artistic Development 

Gregor Nassief, CEO of GEMS Holding Ltd., underscored the significance of these initiatives: “Our investment in and dedication of these spaces to the visual arts as commercial galleries is a testament to our recognition of the talent of local artists in Dominica and also represents our genuine commitment to the ongoing development of the arts. Our galleries will provide a new level of exposure to our artists and their work to both the local and international community.”

Aligning with the GEMS Foundation’s Mission

These art gallery concepts are deeply aligned with the GEMS Foundation‘s mission, particularly under its Entertainment and Arts pillar, which aims to amplify Dominican talent across various artistic disciplines. The synergies between the Foundation and these two new art galleries serve as a testament to our commitment to showcasing Dominica’s vibrant arts and culture scene.

We invite local artists who are eager to showcase their works to contact Aaron Hamilton at 767-614-1583 or email [email protected].