A Commitment to Our
Ecological and Cultural Community

GEMS's focus on social and environmental responsibility is deeply rooted in our approach to sustainability, as we strive to protect and preserve our surrounding ecosystems and communities.

By implementing zero waste policies, practicing organic farming, conserving marine habitats, and engaging local communities through responsible tourism, we actively promote the well-being of both people and nature, while fostering sustainable development for future generations.


Sustainability is at the heart of all GEMS properties. As guardians of our precious ecosystems, we have a duty to protect the habitats and culture around our resorts. We maintain a zero waste policy that includes reusing wastewater in irrigation and active composting of landscaping and food waste. Our properties practice small-scale organic farming, with backyard gardens that produce fresh foods directly used in our restaurants, as well as the preservation and regeneration of the marine coral reefs protecting our beaches. And by engaging nearby fishers and farmers and local service providers for excursions and tours outside our hotels, we can support local businesses while ensuring a sustainable and low impact of our operations on the surrounding natural environment.