Roseau, Dominica, August 14, 2023 —  The GEMS Hospitality School is excited to partner with the Dominica State College through its Division of Tourism and Hospitality Studies Department to host twenty-two (22) students for their six (6) week internship at the Fort Young Hotel & Dive Resort and Secret Bay, through its Internship Program. 

The students who are second- and third-year majors are excited to be the first cohort of students selected to be engaged in this initiative.  For the past three (3) weeks they have been assigned and rotated through various departments at both establishments, such as Front Desk, Housekeeping, Concierge, Security, Bar, Kitchen, Landscaping, and Restaurant. 

Katie Julien, GEMS Foundation Director of Education, stated that, “The students will be able to now align the theoretical courses studied at the Dominica State College to the practical experiences that they are exposed to at Fort Young Hotel & Dive Resort and Secret Bay. Upon completion of this internship, students will receive certificates of successful completion as well as submit portfolios of their internship experience to the Dominica State College, as part of their graduation requirements.” Julien further informs that,  “The Dominica State College should be confident that these interns will be fully equipped with the necessary skills needed for the industry upon their graduation.”

The GEMS Hospitality School executive expresses gratitude to the Dominica State College in allowing their students to have the opportunity to work at our properties.  This further strengthens our goal in providing young people the opportunity to gain the required practical skills in various aspects of hospitality, helping to develop a hospitality workforce that is capable and enthusiastic about working and growing in the tourism industry.

About the GEMS Foundation and the GEMS Hospitality School 

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