GEMS approach to hospitality, management and development combines environmental consciousness with a commitment to delivering authentic, life-enriching experiences.


Guided by the vision of Dominica-native Gregor Nassief, GEMS’ highly respected portfolio of owned and managed properties have received global praise for their quality of experience and design, commitment to environmental responsibility and understanding and support of local culture and community.




Gregor Nassief
Chairman & CEO

Coming from a local family of hoteliers and businessmen, Dominican-born Gregor Nassief is driven by his love for his native island and dedication to developing one-of-a-kind, sustainable properties that marry effortless luxury with simplicity. After attending New York University, Nassief founded Cerca Technology, a Latin America based Software Implementation company. Nassief led the formation of GEMS in 2016 with this father Phillip, and siblings Yvor and Maroussia. He recently served as Deputy Chairman of Discover Dominica Authority as well as Crime Stoppers Dominica. Nassief is married to Venezuelan Sandra Vivas. They currently reside in Trafalgar, Dominica with their two children.


Yvor Nassief

A highly-experienced executive with keen expertise in a variety of industries, including hotels and tourism, financial services, manufacturing, duty free retail, and food distribution, Yvor Nassief is the current executive of Archipelago Trading Ltd, Food Center St. Lucia Ltd, and Food Center St. Vincent. Nassief is also on the board of Archipelago Trading, Belfast Estates Ltd, and Proven Investments Limited. Formerly, Nassief was the Minister of Tourism for Dominica between 2005 and 2007, and also served as Chairman of Invest Dominica Authority and a Director of AID Bank. Nassief and his wife currently live in Belfast, Dominica, and each of their three adult children are working and studying abroad.


Marvlyn Alexander-James

Presently the General Manager of the Fort Young Hotel, one of the leading hotels in Dominica, Marvlyn Alexander-James has held a number of progressively significant positions in hospitality over the past 17 years. Highly instrumental in Dominica's tourism development, Alexander-James is currently the Director of Accommodation on the Dominica Hotel and Tourism Association Board; chair of the Human Resource Sub-Committee; and a member of the Discover Dominica Authority Marketing Committee. She has led the implementation of the Tourism Sector Development Programme and developed the National Community Tourism Association, working with several community groups to improve on the quality and packaging of their tourism product. Alexander-James lives with her husband Chaucer and two children at Wallhouse, Dominica.


Rudy Reid

Rudy Reid is currently the Director of Operations with GE Oil & Gas and Flow Process Technologies. With extensive experience in business acquisitions and integration, Reid has been distinguished as one of the key leaders for the integration of Lufkin Industries, a $3.3 billion business integrated into GE Oil & Gas. Formerly, Reid served as Ombudsman and compliance Director for GE Power and Water in Houston, worked on the Governing Board of Engineering in Ohio, and was the Director of Engineering at Morrison Knudsen/Washington Group, one of the premier EPC consulting companies. Reid was also the Director of Global Operations for GE Gasification, where he over saw clean energy programs and bio fuel technologies in Indonesia, China and India. He also oversaw the development of solar, clean water programs and heavy industrial projects in Brazil, Mexico, Argentina and Thailand. Reid is currently an advisor to GDI patented solar and renewables technology start-up. Reid, along with his wife Maroussia and three children, live in Jacksonville, Florida. He is a certified Black Belt and Master Belt in Lean Six sigma. 


Phillip Nassief
Special Advisor to the Board

Phillip Nassief has extensive experience as a leader in business development, holding a degree in chemical engineering from McGill University. Nassief oversaw the development of Dominica Coconut Products to be a leading manufacturer of soaps and oils in the Caribbean, which was later sold to Colgate Palmolive. Along with a group of shareholders, Nassief acquired the Fort Young Hotel after it was devastated by Hurricane David. Currently, he manages several businesses, including Dominica’s leading rum distillery, Belfast Estate Limited, as well as Springfield Trading and supermarket S-Mart. Additionally, Nassief is engaged in real estate development, particularly in Belfast, and the Tibay Villas in Portsmouth. Leader of the non-profit Elias Nassief Foundation, Nassief focuses on early childhood literacy and the elderly, while also devoting himself to his own children, Yvor, Maroussia, and Gregor.